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So I thought I'd put something down about how I'm feeling in regard to 2015 ;u;  A lot is changing for me and my family and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little scared
First of all, I'll be starting in a new school this Tuesday.  I was getting more and more frustrated with my school and then they were gonna shut down the high school because it wasn't up to standard, which was enough of a push to get me thinking about where I'd enroll if it did happen.  Eventually they managed to keep it open for a while longer but I feel that God's leading me in this direction to the other school.  I wouldn't go there if I wasn't positive, let me tell you x'D  Practically everyone groans when I tell them I'm going to this school and are all like "nOnONONNONONO YOU'RE GONNA TURN INTO A BOGAN D:".  That seems to happen to everyone I know who goes there except for a few people but I'll be alright.
My old school was lucky to have 100 students with less than a quarter in the high school and this new one has around 800 students from grade 7-10 and the bullying's pretty bad so I'm a bit nervous.  I'll just be there for this year and then I'll be movin on but still x'D Encouragement and prayers and very welcome !! ;u;  I don't know anyone in my grade so hoPEFULLY I'll be able to make friends quickly c':
It's gonna push me to my limits and I know I'll struggle at times but yeah ;u;
And this is the first time going to a different school from my sister haha ;u;  She's heading off to Uni, in fact !  She'll be doing art there, and it's pretty unfair 'cause she starts in March hhhhH
My mum might be starting in a new job too but that's about it ;u; hhhhh i'm nervous

but other than that aLL IS SWELL
I'm sure y'all have a lot tougher things that are going on but this is pretty big thing for me ;u;
if anyone is having similar things going on for them maybe we could be rant-buddies and note each other to let out all our miseries :iconyooyayplz:  plz let me know ;u;

so yep
that's all

About Me

Emma | Mynameisboring | 14 | Girrrl | Christian | Australia | Yay

and writing
and kitties
and sloths
and Lord of the Rings
and the Hobbit
and Legolas akjhdjhgd
and cassowaries
and stars

OKAY I started taking drawing seriously (if you can call it that) when I was about 10 ish I guess :iconyooyayplz: I started out drawing realistic thangs like horses, until idek ;u; But I kinda swapped to the Lion King sorta style and I mainly draw big cats :iconmingplz: I draw humans sometimes though :icontruestoryplz: I use Photoshop CS something and a bamboo tablet aw yiss
I have a dog and 6 chickens and I'm sorta writin my own book :iconiggybrowsplz: I've only finished the first chapter and I won't post it on here yet but you can check out the whole concept here: ForestsOfTheNight

can't think of anything else to right
Feel free to send me a little hello and I really appreciate feedback on my art and writing so don't be shy! c: I like talkin
Also be sure to check out EmpiresBeforeClans as well if roleplaying is your thing :dummy:

and yep
k bye


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